A Closeup Interview with Reelamour.com owner Reena

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To let my readers to know more about Reelamour.com, I did a closeup interview with the owner Reena and let her share her experiences with us how she started up her blog shop business.

Reena founder of Reelamour.com

1) When you actually started  Ree L’amour?
Ree L’amour was started in August 2011.

2) What’s motivate you to actually start up this blog shop?
It was Passion and interest that got me started and kept it going. Like all girls, I love shopping. Thus I thought that if I can sure this love and pieces that I adore with more people, that would be great.

3) Ree L’amour, how do you come up with this unique name?
Ree L’amour = Ree Loves . L’amour mean love in French. Ree L’amour showcase pieces that Reena Loves. I believe that I should be selling things that I like and would love to wear. Only then am I able to convince myself and the customers.

4) Will you be planning to have your own label soon?
Having a own label would be something that I  would like to explore. In fact, I’m taking some steps now in that direction. It was fun, and a process that I enjoy doing.

5) How do you manage your own blog shop with your full time job?
Starting off was difficult. I had in fact quit my banker job to focus on starting up the business. It was a difficult decision to make, giving up a stable income and going into to something unknown and uncertain. But this is something that I believe I should while I am still young, and I know that if I had not done it, I would regret it when I get older. Looking back now, I’m glad that I had taken the step, and had not regret the choice. Taking the break from work to focus on something that I love, had got me more motivated in my full time, side line, and personal life. Now that I am back at work full time, with proper time management and planning, it’s not that difficult to manage a blogshop on top of the full time job. 
in fact having a stable flow of income had enable me to draw minimum margin on the pieces, and to focus not he quality of each design. I see that as an added advantages that Ree L’amour has.
6) Any upcoming attractive promotions or sales for Ree L’amour?
Interesting promotions and sales is something that Ree L’amour doing on a frequent basis for our customers. In fact, if any of your readers has any interesting ideas to share, or promo or design they wish to see, they can always email to: shopping@reelamour.com

After the interview with Reena, I admire her courage to quit her banker job and focus on starting her business for Reelamour.com. This is not a easy decision to make for people like us with a stable full time job.
She’s willing to take the risk of starting up her own business without a job.
I admire people like her willing to strive for her own dream. This is something I need to learn from her.
And now she’s back to her job and manage Reelamour.com at the same time.
I hope she will be doing great for both her career and have her own label soon!

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