[Sponsored Review] Namerakahonpo W Face Lotion B

Sponsored Review

I’m one of the selected samplers for SANA’s Sampling Event!
The product I choose from the sampling event is Namerakahonpo W Face Lotion B!

Namerakahonpo W Face Lotion B

Japan’s No. 1 Brand for Soya Skin Care Series!
Renewed with Hokkaido Soy Bean “Yukipirika”, which contains higher amounts of Isoflavone ingredients! Specially selected as it is more suitable for the whitening range!
Brightening with “Nano penetrating formula”. Light face lotion that blends well into skin and helps skin feel hydrated, supple and bright. Double-effect of Soy milk isoflavone (moisturizing ingredient) and high purified Arbutin (brightening effect ingredient).
No fragrance. No artifical colorant. No mineral oil.

I have been using the Namerakahonpo W Face Lotion B for the past 1 week, when I applied it after cleansing my face, it’s actually absorbed to my skin very promptly.
The lotion is not oily nor sticky! Very suitable for people who has sensitive skin.

After washing face, pour generous amount on cotton. Apply to skin with patting motion and blend well. Pad till skin feels cool to ensure well toned and hydrated skin.

After pouring the lotion onto the cotton, I tap in on my face till it absorbed to my skin and straight away my skin becomes softer!
I have yet experience the whitening effect however it does brighten up my skin tone.
Shall continue to use it hopefully I can see the whitening effect soon.

Here’s my face w/o any makeup on 🙂

Thanks SANA Singapore for this awesome Sampling Event.

For more info about Namerakahonpo products you can visit SANA Singapore Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Sana.Singapore).

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