[SHINE Youth Festival] 120722 Asia Global Bellydance Competition

Hi People!

I’m back to update my 3rd post of SHINE Youth Festival Event!
Asia Global Bellydance Competition, The Asia Competition on 22 July 2012 at Bugis+
Brought to you by Singapore Street Festival!

*All the photos in this blog post are powered by Panasonic using 
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5 Camera*

Bellydancers from various Asia countries like Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia & Singapore were there that evening for the Bellydance Competition!
There were 2 categories for the Asia Competition:

  • Solo Category
  • Group Category
Judges of the Bellydance Asia Competition:
Wendy Chiu from Taiwan, Esmeralda Conrad from Italy, 
Sujee from Korea, Simona from Italy and Yumi from Japan!

Here’s the pictures of the Solo Category:
12 years old young contestant from Korea!
Japan Contestant!

Our very own Singapore contestant!

Another Korean contestant with Bellydance + Ballad!
So beautiful!

Male contestant from Singapore!

Malaysian Contestant

Another Singapore contestant!
And now the Group Category:
Korea Group!
2 young girls from Korea. Age 12 & 14!

Singapore Team from Singapore Bellydance Company!

3 Beautiful Ladies of Singapore Team.
They are the SJS!

This event is really an eye opener for me. 
So impressed by the bellydancers with their beautiful outfit and dance groove!
Hope you guys enjoyed all my SHINE Youth Festival related blog posts and pictures!
The month of July passed so quickly, 
SHINE Youth Festival is going to held their closing ceremony on this coming Thursday 26 July 2012!

I will be there! So do keep a look out of my blog for the closing event!

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