Shinhwa Grand Tour in Singapore: The Return 2012

Pretty excited when Shinhwa announced Singapore will be one of their concert tour country!

I actually know Shinhwa this group many years back but during that time I wasn’t into Kpop so did not keep much notice on them until they re-form the group and comeback after 4 years!
I love their comeback song “Venus” after watched their new MV in youtube!
Pretty catchy and love their dance choreography! 
I got to know them more through one of the Radio Star episode, which was hosted by Kyuhyun.. 
Frankly speaking, I watch Radio Star because of Kyuhyun.. tsk tsk..
After the show, I being to choose my bias in Shinhwa and Minwoo is my choice! But but, I changed my bias after watched the concert.. Will tell you guys who & why later…
Actually, I don’t intend to watch Shinhwa concert cause the tickets wasn’t cheap.. And I just got back from Seoul for SS4 Encore 2 weeks ago.. Really broke!
Suddenly, on that concert week an idea came to my mind!
As the concert date is near, people who got the tickets through lucky draw or complimentary may not be interested in attending so they will try to sell the tickets at a cheaper price!
And I found 1 seller actually sell a pair of tickets worth $522 at $200 only! Yes! 1 pair only $200!
Plus the seating quite good, its the middle block which I can see overview of the whole stage!

Concert Date: 16 June 2012
Time: 7pm
Venue: Resort World Sentosa 

Security wasn’t tight in RWS compare to Indoor Stadium for SNSD Concert & Super Show 4.. 
Maybe SM artists’ concerts security must be tight..
So I snapped a lot of pictures during the concert! 
I’m using Canon IXUS 105 and realised pictures quality sucks!!! 
So the next day, I went to bought a new semi-pro camera! Olympus XZ-1! 
LOL! I’m so impulse right?

Although the concert only lasted for 2 hours but I enjoyed myself! Last moment during the encore I even ran towards the stage and saw Minwoo, Andy, Junjin & Eric right in front of us!
My sister keep telling me that Andy has eye contact with her..
Always think that 2 hours of concert wasn’t enough, too short, too short!
We were totally spoilt by Super Junior of their 4 hours concert! T.T
Ok! Now I shall reveal my new bias! He is…………………..
Shin Hyesung
Why why why??
I love his voice! He’s the main vocalist in Shinhwa and I always love 斯文 type of guy!
Just like Kyuhyun! hehe!
But he’s a bit too shy during the concert.. Didn’t really talk much & not much fan service..
But still, I was attracted by his image and voice.. 

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