Korea Trip – Seoul Day 6 (03 April 12)

Sorry for the long wait for the Day 6 post..
I’m really busy for the past few weeks and I was back from my 2nd Seoul Trip last weekend for Super Show 4 Encore.. Shall update about the SS4 Encore trip soon!

Continue with my previous Korea Trip in Apr..
03 April was the day I’m always waiting forward to before my Korea Trip.. Cause its the day I’m going to my Kyuhyun’s musical “Catch Me If You Can”!

We start off our day with yummy Korean porridge..
There’s a famous porridge restaurant in Myeongdong, must try when you happen to be there..

Ohh.. And its the first time we saw snow while we having our breakfast!! At first we thought what was the white thing that fall from the sky.. It can’t be snow right?? Its April, how can there’s snow! A few of us insist its the dirt from the building.. We quickly rush down and check out what is it.. And its really snow!!!
We were damn excited! And took a few pictures in the snow~
After breakfast, we headed to the traditional street at Insadong.. 
Had tea tasting and green tea cake at one the Tea Shop in Insadong.. Beautiful Traditional Streets..
I can’t remembered the Tea Shop name correctly, if I’m not wrong, it has the name Jeju on it..
The Green Tea Cheesecake is super yummy!! If you happend to be there must try!!

After tea and cakes, we walked around Insadong streets and admire the beautiful scenery..
And head to Changdeokgung Palace for photo taking!

We didn’t manage to finish touring the whole Palace.. Its was rather big and the weather was too cold for us to stay outdoor.. We keep on hiding in the small hut while touring around..
Since the structures look almost the same we decided to change our destination to nearby Unhyeongung Royal Residence for our Hanbok Costumes experience!
Hanbok Costumes rental is not expensive, if I’m not wrong the rental per costume is around 3,300 won..
And we can take pictures with the hanbok indoor and outdoor 😀
How to go Changdeokgung Palace:
Anguk Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 3
Go straight for 5 mins
Hanbok Costumes Rental:
Unhyeongung Royal Residence

Anguk Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 4

Before heading to Blue Square for my musical we had a quick dinner at Two-way Fried chicken at Myeongdong..
Finally, my long wait to the musical is here!

Previously, I had blogged my experience. So i shall not elaborate more in this post…
Here the link:

Ended my Day 6 with a wonderful experience of Kyuhyun “Catch Me If You Can” Musical..
I had a serious withdrawal syndrome afterwards.. Keep on wanting to go back and watch again~

This video is Kyuhyun’s  last “Catch Me If You Can” performance on 29 May 12.. Too bad, I wasn’t there..
Nice fan cam by seceretkyu

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