Korea Trip – Jeonju / Seoul Day 7 & 8 (04 & 05 April 2012)

Okay people! I’m back to update my very last post for my Korea Trip in April!
Day 7 of our trip we got to split into 2 groups! I accompanied my BFF to Jeonju!
As the other group went to Han River for sight-seeing..
The reason why we need to go Jeonju beause he is a Sone, SNSD Fan and Taeyeon’s Father has a spectacles shop in Jeonju! He wants a make a pair of spectacles from there!

We got to wake up very early on that morning to catch 8am free shuttle bus to Jeonju.. Yes, FREE shuttle bus!
Korea Tourism Board provides all tourist Free shuttle service from Seoul to Jeonju or Busan!!
This offers valid from 1 January to 31 December 2012! All you need to do is before the trip go into KTB website and sign up for the offers!
Here’s the website!!
Free Shuttle Bus
So awesome right? If not we got to spend at least 30SGD++ per trip for KTX train to Jeonju!
If you prefer taking KTX, KTB also provides 30% off for KTX Tickets!!
For more info you can visit their website:
Great Deals on Train Travel

We almost miss the bus on that morning! My BFF overslept and we didn’t know that we got to walk such a long distance to change the train to Gwanghwamun station to take the bus..
When we reached there, bus to Busan has drove off! I quickly ran in front of the Jeonju bus and stop the driver! Phew~ Lucky we managed to catch the bus! Everything was so dramatic!
Journey from Seoul to Jeonju takes around 2 and half hours.. I slept the whole journey! 
And finally we reached Jeonju at around 10.30am, so we took a cab down to Seodo Plaza where Eyebis is located.
Taeyeon’s (SNSD) father spectacles shop is called “EYEBIS” located at Seodo Plaza. When you tell the cab driver Seodo Plaza they straight away know you want to go Eyebis.. I think they know that most of the tourists go to Seodo Plaza for Eyebis.
There’s a corner in the spectacles shop called “Taeyeon Shrine” where all Taeyong’s photos, albums etc.. are placed. There’s a message book placed on the table, you can leave a note for Taeyeon when she go back to Jeonju, she will read it 🙂 Of course how can my BFF miss out this chance! All the way from Singapore to Korea, Jeonju! He must leave a message to Taeyeon.. Heehee..
Just like Whystyle and other spectacles shops in Seoul, his glasses is ready in 15 mins! 
After he got his glasses done, we went to a restaurant nearby called 계경목장.
It’s not really nearby, I would say walking distance.. We get the help from the staff of the spectacles shop and she drew a map for us to walk there.. Its around 15 – 20 mins walk from Seodo Plaza..
My BFF did a research and got to know that this restaurant is quite famous, SNSD and other Korean artistes also went there before.. Since we already in Jeonju, we must give it a try!
Had BBQ pork there very yummy! At first we don’t know how to order, we can’t speak Korean and the staff can’t speak English.. All we did were point here and there.. So she said she will decide for us and give us 2 person portion of Pork for BBQ! 
After our lunch, we took a cab back to Jeonju Hanbok Village for our shuttle bus to Seoul..
We reached Hanbok Village around 2pm+ where our shuttle bus will only leave at 4.30pm.. So walked around Hanbok Village admire the traditional houses and buildings around there..
Too tired to walk around, so we found a cafe wait for the time to pass~
We were back to Seoul around 8pm, so we took the train back to Myeongdong and had our dinner there while waiting for our friends to be back from Han River..
Our last day in Seoul, basically we did our last minute shopping at Lotte Mart in Seoul Station! Got all the food stuff we want from there.. Oh and the fishmonger at Lotte Mart given us 2 styrofoam boxes and some dry ices to store our kimchi… We need to check in the boxes and ship our kimchi back to SG!
That’s the end of my 8 days Korea Trip in April! 
I will be back to update about my recent Seoul trip for Super Show 4 Encore!

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