Domino’s At Your Fingertips!

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Good News for All iPhone & iPad users!!!
Domino’s Pizza had launch their iPhone App in Singapore!!!!!!
Can you believe that!!! Now we can order Domino’s Pizza through iPhone! Super convenient!!

Domino’s Pizza & had a Launch Domino’s Pizza iPhone APP event on 07 June 12 (Thur) 6pm..
Thanks Domino’s Pizza & for the invites!

Event was held at Singapore Flyer (Bay View Room II)! Beside we got the food treat from Domino’s Pizza and also got a Free ride of Singapore Flyer Capsule! Super FUN!!!

Before going up to the Flyer, Domino’s Pizza gave us bloggers a small treat of their Pizza, drumlets & onion rings!! Yum! Yum!
While having the super delicious pizza & snacks from Domino’s Pizza, Linda Hassan The Marketing Manager of Domino’s Singapore & Malaysia gave us the speech of their launch of iPhone APP as well as show us the demo of how it works!

Here’s the screenshot of the APP from my New iPad:

It’s very easy to order your favorite & delicious Domino Pizza through your iPhone / iPad!
You just need to sign up an account, choose the deal or the Ala Carte from the Menu!
After you did your order, you can also track your order through their GPS Tracker!
It will tells you your pizza is preparing, baking, boxing, packing, ready for delivery or delivering!
Extreme Good Right?? So you won’t have to wait for your pizza impatiently..

Oh yes! And right now if you order Domino’s Pizza using your iPhone apps there’s FREE Side order with every order!!! See! How great it is!!

Besides FREE Side order, there’s also FREE Chocolate Lava Cake to be redeemable for your next order!
And be 1 of the every 50th customer using iPhone app, FREE Regular Pizza is waiting for you!

So what are you waiting for?? Faster go to your iTunes apps store and download Domino’s App for FREE!!

After the presentation, we head off to Singapore Flyer Capsule for our ride! YAY!
This is my second time on Flyer! I still feel excited! The previous time I came was like 3 to 4 years ago?
A lot of changes while boarding.. They designed like we gonna board a plane~

And finally, I boarded and inside the capsule! Me & my iPad with Domino’s App!

Pictures taking time with the bloggers!!

With Tiffany & Mag! And the 2 pretty bloggers Shine & Maybeline..

Look at the beautiful scenery in Singapore! I would say its much more prettier than Taipei 101 & Seoul Tower sceneries! Lovely~

After 30 minutes of ride, we are back to Bay View Room II for group photo!

There’s also buffet dinner provided for all the invited bloggers at O’Learys SportsBar Restaurant!
Super yummy food and desserts!!

Met a lot of nice and fun bloggers in this event! Exchanged our Twitter, Instagram, blog links and even our contact numbers!
Many Thanks to Domino’s Pizza & for the invites of this Super FUN event! Hope to attend more in future!

Not forgetting, here’s the link of Domino’s Pizza iPhone APP link:

Go Download it and order Domino’s Pizza NOW!

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