44 Hours in Seoul for Super Show 4 Encore! (26 May 12) Day 1

Before Super Junior comeback for their 6jib Sexy, Free & Single, I have to blog about their SS4 Encore I attended in Seoul!

It was really rush! SS4 Encore ended not even 1 month, they have announced that SJ will be coming back in early July and started to release their 6jib teasers on 21 June onwards!

I was like!! I have not mentally prepared and they gonna come back! This 6jib I’m going to organise bulk order too! So if SG ELF interested in purchasing 6jib, please join in my bulk order. There will be free photo cards and posters!
Click here for info: Super Junior 6jib Sexy, Free & Single Order (Batch 1)

Ok, back to the topic! SS4 Encore in Seoul..
This is really an impulse decision, my sister and I thought of going to SM Town Taiwan instead of SS4 Encore at first.. Cause we have to rush back to SG for work & school during that period..
In the end, we still choose over SS4 Encore instead of SMTown..
Because what we want only Super Junior, instead of the others! So SS4 Encore will be more worth it for us!
We decided to go over the weekend just for the concert.

I’m so glad that we didn’t make the wrong decision, even though we have limited time there like 44 hours only but we really enjoyed the concert!

I bought the encore tickets from SMTown Travel package.. Although its more expensive than you book the guesthouse yourself and purchase the tickets through Gmarket.. But its all worth it!
Our seating was like 1st row of the middle block!!!! I was like OMO!!!! Super excellent overview of the whole stage!!! (I will blog about the concert in the next blog post, please stay tune!)

Although our time in Seoul were really rush, we need to snatch every minutes, try to go as many places as we can..

We took Cathay Pacific to Seoul transit in Hong Kong.. And our transit was not straight after we touched down Hong Kong.. We had to wait 4 hours in HK Airport for the flight to Seoul.. Kind of waste of time but their tickets is the cheapest among the airlines..
Meals on-flight from SG to HK and HK to Seoul:

We reached Incheon Airport around 14:05KST and took the Airport Limousine to our Hotel.. Airport Limousine is their Airport Bus Service to Seoul, cost around 10, 000 won (12SGD) per trip.
It took around 1.5 hours for us to reach our Hotel.
Our hotel was included in the SMTown Travel package. SMTown Travel package includes a 3D2N Hotel stay and a concert ticket. The hotel that SMTown provided for us: Lexvill Residence.
It’s located near Sinchon subway station (Line 2), around 10 mins walk to the Hotel. 
Its quite new, very clean and with well-equipped facilities. 
But the only rants is there’s no wifi in the hotel room.
We got to go down to the lobby for the wifi which is very inconvenience.. Hope they can improve it in future..
Checked in the hotel, we quickly wash up and changed. Headed to Kyochon Chicken for our dinner!
Kyochon chicken is the best fried chicken I ever tasted!! Must have it with their Cass Beer!
The Kyochon outlet we went to was located near Nonhyeon station (Line 7).
Super Junior endorsed Kyochon Chicken, so right now they have promotion in getting their cartoon tees.
With spending of 18, 000won (20SGD) in Kyochon, you can get the tee at 1000won each!
Oh! Super Junior was printed on their paper bag! How can we miss to grab a few home!
After had our yummy chicken, we headed to Myeongdong for SPAO, Everysing & Shopping!!
I realised there’s some new posters in SPAO since the last time I went in April. 
There’s Kyuhyun standees at their Everysing Myeongdong outlet for photo taking!

How can I miss the SJ neoprint machine at Everysing!
After SPAO & Everysing, its time for me to SHOP!! In this Seoul trip, this is the only time I can shop there! So I have to grab every minutes in Myeongdong and try my best to buy as much things as possible!
My 战利品!Not enough time and energy for me to shop more T.T
Next post will be our long waited concert day! 

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