My 2012 Super Show 4 Journey

Super Show 4 World Tour had come to the end..
The last 2 shows were held in Seoul on 26 & 27 May 2012.
Total 24 shows held in 10 Cities..
Out of 24 shows I’ve attended 5 shows and never enough for me..
Taiwan – 4 & 5 Feb 12
Singapore – 18 & 19 Feb 12
Encore in Seoul – 27 May 12
I’m really fortunate that 2 of the shows my seating are freaking awesome!
Singapore Show – 19 Feb 12 & Encore Show in Seoul – 27 May 12
Both shows my seating was on the 1st row!! I can never forget about the moments!
The 2 shows I attended in Taiwan were fabulous too! Super friendly and polite Taiwan ELF and tons of free photo cards given by Taiwan Fan Bases! Make my trip to Taiwan super worth it!

 Thanks for bringing us the awesome and professional performances! Thanks my boys for bringing so much unforgettable memories~ Super Junior never fail to make me love them more & more…

I’m looking forward to my boys 6jib! And of course Super Show 5.. I hope to attend as many as I can!

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